The UK introduces 2 years Post Study Work Visa for International Students

Are you a student, planning to pursue your bachelor’s or master’s from a British University? This is a good news for you. Absolutely great news!!

The government is soon going to announce that international students are now going to be offered a 2 years post study work permit after graduating from a British University. This new immigration rule is set to be applicable for students enrolling from the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Current Scenario

As of now, international graduates with a master’s or a bachelor’s degree are allowed to work for only 4 months which got extended to a 6 months period. From next year onwards, students would avail the benefit of working in the UK for a minimum of 2 year period. This would ultimately increase the chance of finding a long-term employment opportunity after studying.

This policy was scrapped by the alliance government in the year 2012. Theresa May, home secretary mentioned that the 2 year PSWP was way too generous. UK faced a massive drop in the enrollments of international students since then. Former University Minister, Jo Johnson resigned last week, initiated a campaign for the post study work visa to be extended.

The New policy

According to the new policy there is absolutely no cap on the numbers. There would be no bar and the new graduates will be allowed to work on full time jobs regardless of the subject they have studied. However, the ultimate focus is to recruit talented graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Education Minister, Gavin Williamson said, “The important contribution international students make to our country and universities is both cultural and economic. Their presence benefits Britain, which is why we’ve increased the period of time these students can remain in the UK after their studies.

Our universities thrive on being open global institutions. Introducing the graduate route ensures our prestigious higher education sector will continue to attract the best talent from around the world to global Britain. “

According to the Department of Education (DFE) this immigration rule would be made available to all the international students who would successfully complete the course, irrespective of the subject, at an undergraduate or higher level of education, have a tier-4 student VISA, a clean track record of compliance, at the point the rule is introduced, starting next year.

This is the chance for a student to accomplish their dream of studying in a British University. Hurry and grab this opportunity now.